A difference engraved in stone...

There are few places more sobering than a national cemetery - where the lives of men and women who have sacrificially served our country in the military have been honored and their bodies laid to rest.

Thousands of white marble gravestones stand erect in perfectly arranged rows - only the engraved inscriptions differentiate one gravestone from another.

Isn't that much like those of us who walk the earth still - with common graces and common griefs?

The hand of God sweeps across the face of the earth and over all who inhabit it, and from a distance, our lives may look just like everyone else's.

But in Christ, they are not. We are one of God's chosen, and what was true for the nation of Israel in a time of great national grief, remains true for us today. God reaches out, opens His hands and encourages us with an inscription that we are not like everyone else...
Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands... Isaiah 49.16
{Photos: South Florida National Cemetery - where the body of our friend, "Nick" Nicholson, and the ashes of his wife, Rose, were recently buried together.}