Weekends {are for} wanderings...

...looking back and catching up

This time last week, we were making our way down rural highways past orange groves and sugarcane fields and around the southern tip of the Big O on our way to the east coast. It's one of my favorite drives. I'm not a big city girl. Perfect rows of orange dappled citrus trees rising out of sandy groves, bright yellow crop dusters soaring low over tall green stalks of cane and corn, flocks of greedy egrets trailing combines' dust storms, and fields of black muck-rich earth are some of what I know and love of this sunshine state.

And at the end of that trip through paradise, what I love the most is getting out of the car to hug and kiss four {on the way to being five} people I love over the moon.

Did you catch that? Four on the way to five? {doing cartwheels} Late next spring, Lord willing, there will be another little Hunter to hug and kiss and call me "mimi", and we are thrilled.

This long weekend we are staying close to home - at least, that's the plan. We will take things as they come and hopefully that includes food, family, fellowship...and rich, restorative rest for those who need it. If our favorite teams happen to win in their endeavors - it will be extra dollops of whipped cream on the banana pudding...or brown sugar sprinkles on the blueberry cobbler. 

I'd love to know what you will be doing this holiday weekend. Are you traveling? Cooking anything special? Hosting a family gathering? 

{Photos} my Pollywog Creek backyard