So what's the plan...


I do have one, and Lord willing it will inspire me to keep growing in grace and moving forward creatively.

A few years ago, I wrote basic goals for the year on the inside of the cover to a journal and framed it with: {In Christ Alone} - {For all You've Done}.  It was a simple plan I loved in concept, but it wasn't the right season for me to own it and make it work. With a little tweaking, it's what I've adopted for 2012.

It doesn't include my daily devotional life - a years-in-the-making rhythm that's as much a part of every day as breathing, eating and morning coffee. 

It's also not a to-do list, but a map to help me navigate the days that I don't drift aimlessly. I hold it loosely - aware that at any moment God could change the course.

The goals are divided into two parts: {Every Day} and {Every Week} - not including Sunday. One day a week is for resting from creating {In Christ Alone} to feast in abundance {For all You've Done} - for ceasing from doing to worship and delight in all God's good gifts. Even my {I LOVE} Sunday posts are written on Saturday and scheduled for Sunday. I'm not a legalist about not working on the Sabbath, but trusting God that His ways are best. 

Tomorrow I'll share my {Every Day} goals and my {Every Week} goals on Friday.

Today I hope y'all will click on over to Joe Bunting's, The Write Practice, {a top 10 blog for writers}, and consider entering this month's story writing contest. Joe was awesome to work with last month - so much fun and truly helpful and encouraging. 

And I'm curious to know if you have a written "plan" for 2012, or even if you are still working on it. It might be the plan you had for 2011 that worked great - so why fix what wasn't broken, but I'd love to know what keeps you moving forward on the path God has laid out for you.

{Photos - yesterday's sunrise as I drove to an early morning appointment in Ft. Myers and Pollywog Creek before this morning's hard freeze}