Stained Glass Hearts - Patsy Clairmont Interview - Part 5

2009-08-15 womenoffaithsaturday

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Patsy Clairmont is a master at creating an image out of the ordinary (and even mundane) with words and phrases that stick. God Uses Cracked Pots and Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer are perfect examples I have pointed to on numerous occasions to inspire and encourage others.

Earlier this week, Robbi Cary, my friend and project collaborator, and I discussed several of Patsy's phrases that come to mind often - even weekly - years after they were written. Patsy's words stick. 

While Patsy is a minister of laughter and teller of stories extraordinaire, it is her transparency that opens the way for us to acknowledge our own "cracks". With an arm around our shoulder, she tenderly reminds us that we are not alone in our brokenness, and that hope and healing, and joy and beauty are found in Christ alone.

Stained Glass Hearts: Seeing Life from a Broken Perspective is Patsy's latest book. From "cracked pots" to "stained glass hearts", Patsy weaves God's redemptive healing in her own life, and with the support of scripture, she helps us see how the light of Christ can reach into our dark places and shine through the brokenness in beauty. The “Art Gallery” exercises at the end of each chapter are rich and delightful adventures in music and art,  making Stained Glass Hearts a book to savor one chapter at a time.

Stained Glass Hearts is my current Patsy Clairmont favorite, but I wanted to know if it was her favorite, too. 
Of all the books you've written, Patsy, do you have a personal favorite? 
As an author of multiple books it's very hard to pick a favorite because each one contains important events in my life. But if you twist my arm I would say my first book, God Uses Cracked Pots was especially exciting, Stardust on my Pillow because it was my first book of fiction, and Meatball my first children's book. First's carry some kind of sparkle that make them especially sweet. 
 What books by others are you currently reading? 
 Books at my bedside: 
Patsy, thank you - for all that you do to inspire and encourage and bring love and laughter to the body of Christ – for sharing your life, your wisdom, your faith – and for your bold testimony to God’s abundant grace and power.


What about you? Do you have a favorite Patsy Clairmont book?

{Photos} Patsy with Anna Trent, and with me and my daughter Emily - WOF, August 2009, Tampa