My life overflows with grandlittles these days and I couldn't be happier - unless, of course, they all lived with me and I could smooch on them anytime I want. {Sounds like a line from "Sweet Home Alabama" doesn't it?}

Remember Kristin's 3D/4D ultrasound that I missed last Friday because I forgot or didn't know about and couldn't have gone anyway because we headed in the opposite direction for Wyatt's birth? It had to be rescheduled for yesterday because the baby was soundly sleeping and wouldn't show his face. That was great news for me, but not-so-good news for Nick because he had to go back on the ship this past Wednesday. So yesterday I got to see the ultrasound sneak peek of this little one - wide awake, sucking his thumb and exploring his space; and because Nick is military, they are going to stream it to Nick's computer on the ship. Not the same as being there, but very cool none the less.   

This morning, we had plans to head back over to the east coast to watch Mason play his last regular season spring t-ball game and to love on our adorable new grandlittle Wyatt and his family, but those plans have changed. Not only does radar this morning show thunderstorms where they live and the game is likely to be cancelled, I had fever and chills last night and have been awake for quite some time this morning with a sore throat and laryngitis. Can you see my sad face across cyberspace?  

I'm still taking photos on my Sony point and shoot, but I'll have the Nikon back soon. Nikon extended the warranty on the camera to make the repairs at no cost and shipped it back to me early in the week. It was scheduled to be delivered yesterday. Every day I tracked the package's progress and was excited yesterday morning to see that it was on the vehicle to be delivered that day, but by the end of the day there was no camera. When I checked the tracking information online there was a notice that they couldn't deliver the package because they need a correct address. They have the correct address. UPS has delivered hundreds of packages to us at the address they have. We called them. They are sorry. The package will be redelivered on Monday. I'm guessing it was a new driver, and this must be an opportunity for me to handle disappointment with grace - even though I'd rather pitch a fit.

Despite my disappointments in not being able to see Mason play t-ball, love on that adorable Wyatt and his family, and have my camera back, life is very, very good, isn't it?  I have no reason to complain. Which reminds me of a story I read this week that is going to stick with me for a very long time. I do hope you will read it, too, and let me know how it spoke to your heart. Good Things Always Happen To Me

Friday morning walk in the pasture

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{Photos: yesterday's pasture wandering}