Coming to an end...




We're less than two weeks away from the end of Google Reader, and if you've been reading Pollywog Creek through a Google Reader subscription, I grieve at the thought of losing contact with you. If you haven't already moved your blog subscriptions to a new reader, I hope you'll do so soon, and that you will continue your subscription to Pollywog Creek.

An even better way to stay connected is through a free email subscription, and you can do so by signing up right here-----> Subscribe to Pollywog Creek by Email.  An email subscription makes it easy for you to interact with me by simply responding to the email you will receive with posts from Pollywog Creek either the day or the day after I publish them. I don't always remember or have time to respond to comments on the blog, but emails always get my attention.

I'm energized and refreshed from my short stay at the beach last week and I'm contemplating ways I can make it happen more often. The fresh summer air and cool breezes off the gulf seemed to clear out the cobwebs, and dozens of blog-worthy thoughts are now swirling about - but I'm pressed to finish working on our photos for the book today, so I'll have to hold onto those thoughts for another day and pray they don't fly away in the meantime. 

What do you do when you need to clean out the "attic" to make room for new and creative thoughts and ideas?