To live like it...






Meeting at Starbucks to continue working out the details for our May book launch, Robbi and I sat outside with our drinks and the warmth of the sun on our shoulders.

I can't recall what prompted the detour in our conversation -- from launch party plans to the sharing of a piece of the puzzle that's my story, but I mentioned to Robbi that in the prodigal years early in our marriage, my husband and I believed, but we didn't have faith

If you asked us if we were Christians, we would have said yes, but we certainly weren't living like it, I explained. 

Later that day, I heard faith described as acting like you really believe what God says is true.

Exactly. We didn't act like we believed much of anything.

If I truly believe that in Christ I've been forgiven, I won't wallow in shame and condemnation.

If I truly believe God has and will meet my every need, I won't be consumed by fretting and worrying.

If I truly believe in God's sovereignty, I won't entertain woe-is-me's or be paralyzed by fear.

If I truly believe God is loving and good, I'll cheerfully obey His commandments and trust that what He allows in my life will be redeemed for my good.

I believe you, Lord. Thank you for the grace to live like it.

{Photos - a few of the feathery visitors to Pollywog Creek last week}