Where are the flowers...

As I contemplate the "misty" brevity of time in this my three score year (sounds so much younger than sixty, don't you think?), I have to question the time spent here on Pollywog Creek - choosing what I hope are the best of my photos and a few choice words. And I wonder if I do my readers an injustice by rarely, if ever, displaying those "ugly swamps", "vile weeds", and "sharp thorns" where "life's mercies" are uncovered 'round the pond, along the creek and in the fields. Pollywog Creek is not paradise, as those of you who have wandered about these five acres know.
Kind folks, who've ventured down the pages of Pollywog Creek, have driven past the unsightly migrant camps and piles of trash and overgrown ditches of our rural community and as they've turned their cars down the shell marl driveway that leads to our green sun-bleached front door, I know they have wondered, "where are the flowers?"
Don't get me wrong. We are immensely grateful for this slice of earth where God has allowed us to settle and for the modest home that protects us from the scorching heat and swamp-land critters and where we've raised our children and cared for those we love. But it's not the "paradise" my photos might imply.
It's not my intent to hide those "ugly swamps" and "vile weeds", but out of gratitude for all the Lord has given us and a respect for my neighbors, I'll likely never point to them here. You'll just have to know that what you see on Pollywog Creek are glimpses of God's glory in the small things - in the weeds, and the pond muck, and tangled web of vines in the thickets and the intricate details of insects and wildflowers and zinnias.
He truly makes all things beautiful in its time.
God kindly put a simple camera in my hand to cultivate gratitude in my heart and "an eye for life's mercies." I'd love to know what He is showing you.
I'm humbled by the beauty of servanthood on the faces of those who are caring for Nabakoza and Betty and so many others like her, please go here and here and here and rejoice and pray and give.