Weekends {are for} wanderings...

~ with photos that didn't make the cut

I don't remember sleeping last night - only endless painful hours of rearranging pillows and blankets and the heating pad - and the still dark hour when I woke Louis to help me out of bed to take meds and find comfort elsewhere.

But I've got it good. So. Very. Good.

So good, it's embarrassing. I have a clean dry bed, electricity and air-conditioning, running water (hot and plenty of it), access to health care and medicine for every need, a husband and daughter who wait on me, and pick up the slack, grandlittles to love on, and the best praying friends.

We have a stocked pantry and refrigerator, a house with more square footage than three adults need, and more books(a dozen Bibles or more) than we'll ever be able to read.

I'm rich and spoiled and I my heart is broken over the malnourished children and cholera house in Haiti and the crisis in the horn of Africa - embarrassed that I ever complain (even silently) about waiting in line to buy groceries or about the cost of gasoline or that it's too hot to leave my air-conditioned house to go outside. Embarrassing.

I'm thinking today about Ann's post yesterday and the resources she recommended. Like my friend, Margie, I just might order one of those cookbooks...and like Ann, slip out of my shoes...because of grace.

~ ~ ~

Yesterday I followed a Martha Stewart recipe to bake a fresh peach and blueberry pie, only I didn't have enough of the sweet Georgia peaches my friend, Jane, gave me so I supplemented with frozen peaches that probably didn't thaw adequately, and had to substitute corn starch for tapioca, and the store-bought pie crust fell apart. The end result was more like a peach-blueberry cobbler, so that's what I told everyone we were having, and we ate every last bite. Next time I'll use all fresh peaches, tapioca and home-made pastry and maybe it'll really be pie.

~ ~ ~

I must take a nap. I keep falling asleep at the computer with my fingers on the keyboard and then waking up to find a long row of sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss typed into this post, but before I do, would y'all please tell me what breaks your heart this day? Where do you see the richness of your life compared with poverty and suffering - and what do you think should be our response that truly makes a difference and eases the suffering?