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Weekends {are for} Wanderings on Pollywog Creek 
...looking back and catching up

Did y'all think I'd forgotten about "living in yellow"?  Not at all, I've just been living it with no time or energy to write about it. But it's important to me, so I intend to continue - hopefully before we leave fall behind and begin the season of "red and green".

On my list of tasks I'd failed to accomplish last week was a review of Dan King's (BibleDude.netThe Unlikely Missionary. I have time to do that this morning, but it deserves a week day post, so I'll save it for the week to come. In the meantime, I'll tell you that I loved it, so if you are one of the half dozen readers who log in on the weekend and are looking for an inspiring read, you will not be disappointed by purchasing  Dan's ebook.

One of the things Dan encourages in The Unlikely Missionary is for us to recognize that we don't need to leave home and go to Africa to be on mission. My daughter Emily is participating in the HelloSomebody campaign Hello Rwanda to feed and educate 100 boys now living on the streets...

Hello Rwanda Campaign from Hello Somebody on Vimeo.

If you are interested in helping Emily in this campaign by purchasing a HelloSomebody watch or for more information, please either leave a comment here or drop me an email ( and Emily will contact you. 

As I sit in my the living room typing this post, Gavin's overnight bag, a pair shoes, and a backpack are piled on the floor next to me. Gavin's toothpaste and bottle of "Gummies" vitamins are on the counter. He was supposed to stay with me this morning while Kristin went to a large garage sale in Ft. Myers, but at the last minute, he decided he wanted to go with her and THEN come play back to play with mimi. I haven't looked in his overnight bag. For all I know, he's planning to stay a while and that would be perfectly fine with me. 

I'd love to know what you've got planned for your weekend, good friends.

{Photos}a fall morning wandering on Pollywog Creek