Weekend wanderings...

Weekends {are for} Wanderings on Pollywog Creek 
...looking back and catching up

Much of this past week was clouded by a slowly moving tropical system that pushed back sunlight and dumped inches of rain on Pollywog Creek. When storm clouds parted, cool dry, refreshing air replaced the heavyiness of a lingering south Florida summer and the evidence of those inches of tropical nourishment blazed bright and green. Soul food it was. Satisfying and delicious. And for those of us that tend to frizz, it's been the best hair days ever. 

I mentioned it last weekend, but it's worth repeating. My daughter Emily is participating in the HelloSomebody campaign Hello Rwanda to feed and educate 100 boys now living on the streets. This is one of many worthy opportunities for those of us with more than enough to reach out to the least of these. If you are interested in helping Emily with this campaign, please let me know. We both ordered watches this week and they arrived in the mail just yesterday. Emily's is white (she already had a pink one), and mine is navy blue - perfect for someone like me whose basic wardrobe is centered around blue jeans. 

We're celebrating two different family birthdays in different towns this weekend - all in one day. I'll be wearing my HelloSomebody watch (and blue jeans, of course) and delighting in the lavish gift of family, friends and this beautiful weather. I'd love to know how you are celebrating life this weekend. 

{Photos} wee evidence of a tropical nourishment