31 Days::Day 30 - Peace. Be still...




Peace. Be still. Jesus speaks to the storm and the winds stop and the seas calm...and he then rebukes the disciples who fail to trust Him.

All day long I think of this story from scripture we tell in lifegroup and I name my "storms" as the monster storm Sandy blows terror and destruction along the Atlantic coast.

Supersoaker Sandy, she's far to the north, but I know what it is to huddle in fear in the dark of night while hurricanes roar beyond boarded up windows or to be paralyzed by the terror that can grip a heart.

I fall asleep praying for those I know and love in Sandy's path, that Jesus will speak, Peace. Be Still, to the storm's rage and hearts' fear, and to the "storms" that can paralyze me.

Day 30 - Romans 16 {The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. vs 20 }, finish couch cushions, sweep and mop floors.

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